Andrea Kerr

Media Director & Worship Leader

Andrea Kerr

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Hey there!

My name is Andrea.

God has done such a work in me to bring me here; So, I am thankful to be writing this for you today.


Thanksgiving of 2018, I decided to get clean after 1 year or so of drug addiction; that is when God really grabbed my heart.

Although, I have been in church nearly all my life, I realized that even one who has grown up in church, needs saved as much as anyone else.

12 years old is when I started on my first worship team in youth; and led in all services until I was 18 years old, which is when I walked away from God.

I thought I had every reason to be bitter against people who hurt my feelings.

Most of all, I thought I was above, exempt from what God's word says about hate & Bitterness.

But I continued, for 4 years; In turn, I became what I hated most, a hypocrite.


Needless to say, 2018 was the year my heart turned 180 back to Jesus.

In Fall of 2020 is when I began my journey here at First Assembly.

Leading worship, is about submitting to the agenda of the King, setting the table for the Bride and groom, being humble and not taking any attention for myself, but to serve with humility and gentleness. 

The call is to encourage growth, individuality, and sharing how important each music & media teammate is , in the grand beautiful picture , The Church.

We serve together , leading the Bride to her seat at the table with her soon to be, in preparation for what is to come for us all in heaven.


It is my honor to serve Jesus 

It is also an honor to write this for you today.


Blessings, Andrea.






"God sees us ALL with equal value, PRICELESS.

      You are not a burden to be loved."


                                            -Andrea kerr

                                             Media Director/Worship Leader